PhotoS 4

Simple program to create line drawings out of photographs

PhotoS is an easy to use software program that will allow you to create accurate and well defined line drawings out of your favorite digital pictures.

These drawings can be used for crafting purposes, such as stencil sheets or embroidery patterns. Given its friendly interface, PhotoS can be useful for both experienced artists who are looking for a too to make their job easier and people who feel they can’t draw and want to create a quality drawing from a simple digital picture that can be in tiff, gif, jpg/jpeg, bmp, png, wmf or emf formats.

Once you’ve created your line drawing, you are able to save it on your personal computer for later use in any of the following formats: gif, tiff, bmp, png, wmf, jpg/jpeg, dxf and emf.

PhotoS is an ideal tool for users who need to convert a digital picture into a standard line drawing, whether for artistic purposes, handcrafting, home decorating or or any other activity.